The Office of the Dean for Graduate Education (ODGE)— including the office’s headquarters, the International Students Office, and the Graduate Student Council—offers the following services to students and staff.

A graduate student may…

Request (limited) financial support for approved student activities

Submit a petition to:

  • Amend a program of study such as the election of a dual degree
  • Complete an incomplete subject from a prior semester or year
  • Choose a thesis field not currently on the list of departmental thesis fields
  • Add or drop a course after the stated deadlines
  • Request a joint thesis
  • Establish special tuition rates
  • Request approval for retroactive actions in unusual circumstances
  • Change an OX grade to a letter grade
  • Appoint ad hoc departmental or interdisciplinary dissertation committees

or to apply for:

Request delayed thesis publication (a “thesis hold”)

Submit a proposal for a Graduate Student Life Grant

Apply for a competitive fellowship

Request information on available fellowship funds

Request information on Graduate Student Dental Plan

Request an appointment to discuss a personal concern

Request advice on graduate policies and procedures and unique student situations

Submit a comment or question to the Dean


An international student (or dependent) may…

Request admission processing

Request a change in visa status

Seek advice regarding immigration regulations and concerns

Apply for post-completion employment authorization in the US


A current non-MIT undergraduate student may…

Apply for the summer research program (MSRP)

Apply for the preview weekend (CONVERGE)


Any faculty or staff may…

Refer a student for personal or medical concerns

Submit a proposal for a Graduate Student Life Grant

Request information on available fellowship funds

Request clarification on US immigration regulatory policies and procedures