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July 28, 2014


Heber helps protect marine ecosystems in the Coral Triangle

When Kelly Heber goes snorkeling in Bali, she’s not exactly vacationing. In a few minutes, she’ll be onboard a nearby boat, asking the captain if he’s seen any comeback in his fish stocks in recent years. She’ll ask how he decides if a coral reef is healthy enough to support daily visits from boatloads of tourists, and if littering and pollution pose threats.

As a PhD student in the MIT Department of Urban Studies and Planning working in the Science Impact Collaborative, Heber performs her environmental policy fieldwork in rural villages in Indonesia that are fringed by vibrant coral reefs. These reefs suffered during the period from the 1950s to the 1990s, when fishermen commonly exploded cyanide bombs in the water to kill and harvest all the fish in an area at once. Still in recovery, these “post-blast” coral reefs now attract thousands of tourists a year, generating the main source of income for village communities.

Learn more about Heber’s fieldwork on the Oceans at MIT website.

July 25, 2014


Eastgate Summer Grill Night Jul. 26

Enjoy a scrumptious, finger-licking good  BBQ on Saturday, July 26th from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm at the Eastgate Courtyard. You bring the meat, and they’ll provide the heat. Sides and drinks will be provided by the Eastgate Community Association. Photo by xeeliz

July 25, 2014


MIT Ballroom’s 2nd Annual Live Music Social Jul. 26

Join MIT’s Ballroom Dance Team for their 2nd Annual Live Music Social on Saturday, July 26th from 7:00 pm to midnight in the Walker Memorial building. Beginner Waltz and Swing lessons will start at 7:00 pm, and the band will begin playing for social dancing at 8:00 pm. Presale tickets are available online and cost $5 for MIT students, $10 for MIT affiliates, and $15 for the general public. Tickets will also be available at the door for an additional $5. Contact with any questions.

July 24, 2014


MIT-BSA Iftar and pre-Eid celebration Jul. 26

On Saturday, July 26th, MIT’s Bangladeshi Students’ Association (BSA) will be hosting their annual Iftar and pre-Eid celebration in the basement lounge of Westgate. The organization will provide a wide variety of pre-cooked, unique, spicy, and colorful Bangladeshi food for MIT students to try. The event begins at 8:00 pm and ends at 9:30 pm. Contact if you would like to learn more about the event. Photo by vipez

July 24, 2014


Join the Eastgate community for a water party Jul. 26

On Saturday, July 26th at 4:00 pm, come to the Eastgate Courtyard (E-55) for a water party open to MIT families and kids. This fun afternoon party will have a lot of water activities, so come with clothes that can get wet and a bit dirty! If it rains, the event will be postponed to Sunday, July 27th or Saturday, August 2nd. For more details contact eastgate-pc@mit.eduPhoto by Reggie Alvey

July 22, 2014


Sign up for the International Student Mentorship Program by Jul. 25

Interested in mentoring first year international graduate students? Give them an opportunity for cultural exchange and to learn more about Cambridge, Boston, and the MIT culture. Mentees and mentors will be matched up based on national/regional origins, mutual interests, and similar considerations. The deadline to register as a mentor is Friday, July 25th, and the sign-up link and more about the program can be found online. Should you decide to participate in the program, you have to be in e-mail contact with your mentee throughout August. During Fall Orientation, the new student will have the opportunity to meet his/her mentor at the Mentorship Mixer and International Dance Festival. Direct any further questions to

July 22, 2014


Israeli Dancing Jul. 23

The MIT Folk Dancing Club and Hillel MIT are planning an night filled with Israeli Dancing for Wednesday, July 23rd, to take place at the Student Center in room 491. Teaching and beginner dances will start at 8:00 pm, followed by open requests until 11:00 pm+. Kosher snacks will be provided. The event is free for all MIT students, but there is a suggested donation of $1. Don’t miss out on the fun! The event begins at 8:00 pm and will end at 11:30 pm. Email with any questions. Photo by U.S. Embassy Tel Aviv


July 21, 2014


Burgers and beers with LGBTQ students and allies Jul. 22

Come hang out with your fellow MIT LGBTQ graduate students and allies on Tuesday, July 22nd at Tasty Burger in Harvard Square. Delicious burgers, chicken sandwiches, and hotdogs are subsidized, so your dinner will be cheap! A group will be leaving Lobby 7 at 6:45 pm, or you can meet everyone at Tasty Burger at 7:30 pm. Don’t forget your ID and MIT student ID! RSVP online if you’re attending, although you can show up without RSVPing, and contact with any questions. Photo by Jennifer

July 17, 2014


eMIT Science Outreach Meeting Jul. 17

If you find science or engineering intriguing and would like to teach and inspire other people then check out eMIT, a student group for science outreach. You can learn more about eMIT at their next meeting on July 17th at 6:00 pm. There will be free food and good company. RSVP if you would like to attend their upcoming meeting. The location is still to be determined. Photo by Martin Cron

July 17, 2014


Tang Hall BBQ and movie night Jul. 19

All MIT graduate students are invited to take a break from research to chill out over some delicious barbecue food and a movie with some friends on Saturday, July 19th. The event will take place on the Tang lawns and BBQ pits with food from 6:30 – 8:00 pm and the movie starting around 8:15 pm. If weather is bad, the rain location is the Tang 24th floor lounge. Please bring your own utensils to go green and contact with any questions.

Photo by Håkan Dahlström.

July 16, 2014


Isabella Stewart Gardner Gala Jul. 18

Sip chardonnay, enjoy the company of other MIT graduate students, and get a look at the breathtaking artwork at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum on Friday, July 18, from 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm. Art historians will be available at the museum to answer students’ questions that evening. Tickets are $10 (single) or $18 (with a guest) and include the price of one drink ticket.  Remember to purchase your ticket online, and send additional questions to Photo by Maitri

July 15, 2014


Dear Kate: Understanding feminism and how to respond to misogyny

What should you do if a close friend offhandedly says a misogynistic comment like “when women smile when they say no, they’re really just saying ‘try harder’” or “women falsely accuse men of rape all the time”? And how do you navigate the conversation to avoid being negatively branded as an overzealous feminist? The latest edition of the GWAMIT Mentoring advice column, Dear Kate, addresses the nationwide debate on misogyny, male privilege, and feminism.

Kelley Adams at the Violence Prevention and Response office at MIT Medical, rather than the usual mentor/volunteer Kates, responds to these concerns in a two-part column. Part I discusses the idea of “rape culture,” and how feminism historically has — and likely will continue to have — negative connotations. Part II suggests multiple strategies for responding to misogynistic comments such as asking where that belief came from or cultivating empathy. Even though violence and beliefs that foster it are prevalent throughout our society and culture, every individual has the ability to change this by starting discussions and getting more people to think critically.

If you would like to submit any questions (pseudonymously) for a future column, go to the Dear Kate Google Doc. Photo by Kayla Sawyer

July 15, 2014


Contra Dance with live music Jul. 15

On Tuesday, July 15th, take part in some contra dancing with live folk music by Autumn Rose Lester (fidde) and Max Newman (guitar, banjo, mandolin). Contra dancing is a high-energy dance, directed by caller and accompanied by exciting live folk music. It’s easy to learn, beginners are welcome, and no partner is necessary. The event will take place from 8:00 pm to 10:30 pm in lobby 13 and is open to the public. The event is free for all MIT students, but a $3 donation is suggested at the door. Contact the MIT Folk Dance Club at if you would like more information. Photo by Joanna


July 11, 2014


Family Day at the List: Peculiar Portraits Workshop Jul. 12

On Saturday, July 12th, from 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm, the List Visual Arts Center (E15 Upper Atrium) will be open to the public for free. Enjoy a day of artmaking and exploration. You’ll even be able to create your own deconstructed self-portrait collage to take home. See how contemporary artists explore identity in the 9 Artists exhibition and go on a family-friendly tour of the exhibition at 2:00 pm. No registration is required. Email with questions regarding the event.

July 11, 2014


Indian Barbecue Social Jul. 12

MIT Sangam and the Graduate Students Council have organized an Indian Barbecue to take place on Saturday, July 12th. There will be paneers, chicken kebabs, burgers, and hot dogs! The event will begin at 6:00 pm at the Kresge BBQ Pits. Email if you would like more information. Photo by Jun Seita

July 10, 2014


Egyptian Annual Iftar Jul. 11

On Friday, July 11th, MIT’s Egyptian Club will be hosting their annual Iftar at 8 PM at W20-208! Join in on a night filled with fun, live music, great company, and free Egyptian food and dessert! Contact for more information. Photo by vipez

July 9, 2014


Keep your finances in order

The MIT Federal Credit Union has recently created a blog to help students with their future financing and banking investments. Learn how to improve your credit score or learn how to start your own nest egg! Follow the new blog to stay updated on tips, hints, and lessons to improve your financing knowledge. Photo by Alan Cleaver 

July 9, 2014


An Evening of Painting Jul. 10

The Cambridge Community Art Center will be hosting a fundraiser led by an MIT art instructor on Thursday, July 10th starting at 6:00 pm. The event will take place on the lawn of E15, and art supplies, drinks (21+), and refreshments will be provided for the evening. Make sure to sign up if interested and contact if you have any questions. Photo by Diamond Farah

July 8, 2014


Weekly Wednesday Wings at the Muddy Charles

FREE wings and veggies will be provided to MIT graduate students between 8:00 pm to 9:00 pm at the Muddy Charles Pub in building 50 on July 9th and every Wednesday until May 27th, 2016! Don’t miss out! Photo by jeffreyw


July 3, 2014

MIT orientation

Orientation logo contest submissions due Jul. 7

If you like to draw, design, or create things, then this is your opportunity to represent MIT to incoming graduate students! The 2014 Orientation Logo Contest is now accepting submissions. Submit a logo that features elements distinctive to MIT, such as the letters MIT, the MIT Dome, or Tim the Beaver. Your entry should also feature the year 2014 and be restricted to 2 or 3 colors. If your entry is chosen, you will receive a $250 prize and the pleasure of seeing your logo across the MIT campus this Fall. The second and third best entries will receive a $25 prize.  Email all submissions to the Orientation Committee at by  Saturday, July 7. For more details, see the competition website.

July 3, 2014


Ashdown BBQ Jul. 4

Celebrate the United States’ birthday with your fellow graduate students by eating some savory BBQ on the Ashdown House Courtyards on Friday, July 4th, from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm! There will be hot dogs, burgers, vegetarian options, and desserts. The Declaration of Independence will be recited and trivia with prizes will follow after. Email with any questions regarding the event. Photo by PaulD

July 2, 2014


MIT student group advocates for science funding on Capitol Hill

Joseph Azzarelli, president of the MIT student group Science Policy Initiative (SPI), describes “science for policy” and “policy for science” as separate but interrelated. By educating its members and advocating for science funding, he says, SPI is “connecting the dots between science and policy.” Scientific research informs government policy on a range of issues, from health care to climate change; lawmakers influence scientific progress through budgets and regulations. How many MIT students understand this relationship — or their potential role in it? Continue reading this article at MIT NewsPhoto by Len Reubenstein. Team members of the Science Policy Initiative include (from left): Arthur Yip, Erhardt Graeff, Dillon Gardner, Joseph Azzarelli, Yuly Fuentes-Medel, and Samuel Brinton.

July 2, 2014


Apply to be a Graduate Community Fellow

Graduate Community Fellows  are a cadre of graduate students who work on projects and assignments that enhance graduate community in unique ways. Each Fellow reports to a staff member in the ODGE or in a partner organization, and focuses on a specific project. Fellows meet monthly to coordinate efforts, and to pool their observations and reflections. They have the opportunity to advise the Dean about the needs of the graduate student community, and serve as an important conduit for informing the Dean and staff about the graduate student experience. Open positions currently include:

To learn more and apply, visit the Office of the Dean for Graduate Education. Photo by vandycft

July 2, 2014


Preregister for backup childcare

The pilot program for subsidized backup childcare has recently been approved for recurring funding. Don’t forget you must preregister your child once each year to take advantage of this service, subsidized at only $5 per hour.  If you are currently taking summer term courses you can preregister now. If you are not enrolled in summer term courses, you can preregister your child once you have registered for the fall term. Email with any questions. Photo by Greens MPs

July 1, 2014


MIT Comedy Night at the Thirsty Ear Pub Jul. 1

When was the last time you had a good laugh? On Tuesday, June 10th, the Thirsty Ear Executive Committee (TEEC) will have an MIT Comedy Night featuring headliner Tim Mclntire from the Boston Comedy Festival. The show starts at 8:00 pm and will be hosted by Andrew Durso, Ethan Marsh, Alingon Mitra, Scott Oddo, Christa Weiss, and Jeffrey Wiles. Snacks and soda will be provided by the TEEC. This event will take place at the Thirsty Ear Pub, Ashdown House (NW35) and a 21+ government ID and MIT ID are required to view the performances.  Contact the TEEC at with any questions. Photo by TheeErin

June 30, 2014


Canada Day BBQ Jul. 1

The MIT Canadian Club will be hosting a celebratory BBQ for Canada’s 147th birthday on Tuesday, July 1st, from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm at the Sidney Pacific Courtyard. The BBQ will also include Canadian treats and a costume contest so make sure to sport some red and white at the event! Prizes will be given out to the best designed costumes. For more information email Photo by Phalinn Ooi

June 28, 2014


Ashdown brunch Jun. 29

All graduate students are invited to the Ashdown June Brunch on Sunday, June 29th from 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm in the Hulsizer room of Ashdown House. They will have pancakes, chocolate croissants, sausages, scrambled eggs, yogurt & granola, home fries, and fruits, so come to enjoy some great food and the summer weather! Please bring your own plates and utensils to reduce waste and receive an extra food item as incentive. If you want to help out or have any questions, contact All volunteers should show up at 10:00 am in the Hulsizer room to set up. Photo by Jaime Olmo.

June 27, 2014


Kayaking Social Jun. 28

MIT Sangam has arranged a kayaking expedition with Charles River Canoe & Kayak scheduled to take place on Saturday, June 28th, starting at 11:00 am. The ticket price is $7 per person and only 40 spots are available. If interested, sign up online. Once you have registered for a spot, MIT Sangam will send you the link to purchase the ticket. Any questions regarding the weekend kayaking social or MIT Sangam can be emailed to Photo by Paolo Lottini

June 26, 2014


Grad Hillel Shabbat Dinner Jun. 27

Enjoy a scrumptious, mouthwatering Shabbat dinner with your fellow MIT graduate students on Friday, June 27th from 7:30 pm to 10:00 pm! The Grad Hillel Shabbat dinner will take place in the Sidney-Pacific Multipurpose Room. Remember to RSVP to by Monday, June 23rd if you’re interested in attending the dinner. Photo by julie

June 26, 2014


Bangladeshi Students’ Assoc. kite flying and dinner Jun. 27

The Bangladeshi Students’ Association will have a night of fun on Friday, June 27th, at Tang Hall. Enjoy delicious Bangladeshi food, play board games with your friends, and fly a kite in the breezy summer air. Kites will be avaliable for use, but you are free to bring your own!  For more information email Photo by poissantfamily

June 24, 2014


MIT Snowriders End-of-Year BBQ Jun. 24

Do you like Blue Ribbon BBQ? Would you like to eat free food and meet new people? On Tuesday, June 24th, the MIT Snowriders club will be hosting a BBQ that will take place at Kresge BBQ pit #1 from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm. The organization will also be electing the club’s new board for next year. If you’re interested in getting involved in the club or want to meet members of the Snowriders club, mark your calendars for Tuesday afternoon and take your appetites! Contact if you would like to learn more.

June 20, 2014


YouKu Night Part 2: Fun Glimpses into China Jun. 22

Trivia and food? To promote their culture, China Crossroads will be hosting a session in which a series of interesting videos are shown. After each video, trivia questions and discussions will be brought up. Chinese Dimsum will also be provided. If interested, show up to Tang Hall’s 24th Floor Lounge on Sunday, June 22nd, from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm! If you would like to learn more, email Photo by Pockafwye

June 20, 2014


Learn International Cha-Cha Jun. 21

On Saturday, June 21st, learn International Cha-Cha in a beginner-friendly Dance Camp! The camp will be taught by guest instructor Yulia Bobovick from Dance Fever Studio in four 45-minute sessions in Lobby 13, and the entire MIT community is welcome. If interested, find more information and register online at the MIT Ballroom Dance Club website, or contact with any questions. Photo by Ailura.

June 19, 2014


Decorate your Flip-flops Jun. 20

Summer is finally approaching and to celebrate the beginning of the sunny season, the Graduate Student Council (GSC) Funding Board will be hosting an event on Friday, June 20th, at 6:30 pm where you can decorate and personalize your flip-flops! Bring your flip-flops, old or new, and the GSC will provide some yummy ice cream and fruits. Be prepared to learn techniques to make your flip-flops the talk of the town! The event will be held at the Westgate BBQ area (rain location: lounge). Be sure to sign up! Contact for more information. Photo by Chewy Chua

June 17, 2014


Participate in MITOC’s Circus trip Jun. 21-22

Join the MIT Outing Club (MITOC) for their June Circus, a weekend of hiking and climbing trips based out of MITOC’s Camelot cabin in Groton, New Hampshire. Everyone is welcome to join the community, meet fellow lovers of the outdoors, and explore the White Mountains of New Hampshire. You can find more information about the trip and sign up at the MITOC website, and the Circus will be over the weekend of June 21st-June 22nd. If interested, check out the page soon because trips can fill up quickly! Contact with any questions.

June 12, 2014


Screening of BOMBAY TALKIES and dinner Jun. 13

MIT Sangam will be screening “Bombay Talkies,” a movie consisting of four short films which show how Indian cinema has evolved over the years. The movie is known for including one of the first mainstream films to take on the taboo of homosexuality in present-day India. “Bombay Talkies” was also created as a tribute to the centennial anniversary of Indian cinema. The film will play on Friday, June 13, in 6-120 at 7:00 pm and a short discussion will follow after the showing. Take your appetites, invite some friends, and spend Friday night watching a movie with good company! For more information email Photo by mlanghans


June 9, 2014


MIT Comedy Night at the Thirsty Ear Pub Jun. 10

Get ready for a night of laughter and fun! On Tuesday, June 10th, the Thirsty Ear Executive Committee (TEEC) will have an MIT Comedy Night featuring Dan Boulger, known for his acting on the television series “The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson.” The show starts at 8:30 pm and will be hosted by Rob Crean, Ryan Donahue, Scott McLaughlin, Arty P, Ted Pettingell, and Guitler Raphael. Snacks and soda will be provided by the TEEC. This event will take place at the Thirsty Ear Pub, Ashdown House (NW35) and a 21+ government ID and MIT ID are required to view the performances.  Contact the TEEC at with any questions.

June 6, 2014


Dragon Boat Festival social and game night Jun. 7

Saturday, June 7th, MIT’s Chinese Scholars and Students Association (CSSA) will be hosting a social and game night at the Ashdown House Hulsizer Room from 6:30 pm to 10:30 pm. Come and eat some scrumptious Chinese food and Zongzi (rice dumplings) and learn more about the Dragon Boat Festival. The CSSA will also be providing lessons on making your very own Zongzi! Game night will start at 8:00 pm and multiple board games will be available for you to play! If interested, register online or email with further questions. Photo by Stephen Rees.

June 5, 2014


The MIT-vs-Harvard Musical: We’ll Get it Right Jun. 7 and 9

We’ll Get It Right is a romantic musical comedy produced by a few members of MIT’s class of 1954 that has been reproduced for the summer of 2014 in honor of its 60th anniversary! Follow the story of Claire, an undergraduate music major at Harvard dating Harvard’s football team quarterback, and Joe, an undergraduate engineering student at MIT, as the two begin to fall for one another even through the rivalry between the two schools. Who will Claire chose? Does true love win? Attend the musical and find out! One showing will take place on Saturday, June 7th, at 3 pm at Kresge Little Theater; it’s free but tickets are required and will available at the door. The second showing will take place on Monday, June 9th, at 7:30 pm at Kresge Little Theater; it’s free and open to the public with no tickets required.

June 4, 2014


First two faculty members honored as Committed to Caring!

This past April, the Office of the Dean for Graduate Education (ODGE) invited graduate students to nominate MIT professors who go above and beyond to make an impact on the lives of graduate students through a new Committed to Caring campaign (C2C).  We asked for stories about faculty members who, check in about a student’s well-being, who share their own struggles, who create a supportive and positive working environment and who provide outstanding mentorship. The response was moving.  Nearly 90 nominations came in for 40 faculty members, and the descriptions of support for graduate students made us even more proud to be part of the MIT community.

To honor these wonderful expressions of caring, we will profile two faculty members each month in an ongoing celebration. The first two honorees have just been posted on the ODGE web site and on posters across campus:

John Belcher, Physics
Supporting mental health

Kay Tye, Brain and Cognitive Sciences
Building an inclusive culture

Our hope with this campaign is that we are able to come closer to the vision President Reif articulated at commencement one year ago, “that the family members of MIT become known for the way we treat each other: famous for sympathy, humility, decency, respect and kindness.”  The nomination process remains open so that we may continue to receive these impactful stories from graduate students. Over the course of this campaign, we would love to highlight and acknowledge the many faces of caring at MIT!

June 3, 2014


Register for summer art classes at the SAA

Have you ever wanted to learn how to paint, draw, or create ceramics or learn more about photography and printmaking? This summer the Student Art Association (SAA) will be hosting 2.5 hour weekly art classes for 8 weeks taught by professional instructors for a low cost! Classes begin on June 9th and will take place in the Stratton Student Center. If you’re interested in releasing your inner creativity and/or learning more about art please email to register.



May 29, 2014


Join the MIT Rowing Club! Season starts Jun. 9

Summer is coming, and that means it’s time to get out and row with a great team on a great river!  Join the MIT Rowing Club and practice from 6:00am to 8:00am starting Monday, June 9th, 2014 on the Charles River.  The club is open to all MIT community members at all skill levels.  There is even a program for complete beginners.  Coxswains are highly encouraged to join!  The club offers full coach-supervised training for novice coxes throughout the year.  Find out more on the website and get on the club’s mailing list (low volume) here.  Contact for more information.

May 12, 2014


MIT Chile Club aims to build a lasting network

The new MIT Chile Club has provided a great way for Chileans at MIT to meet one another during its first year of operation. But, according to outgoing president Augusto Ruiz-Tagle, MBA ’14, its purpose extends far beyond the social. One of the reasons he and several other graduate students formed the club in February 2013 was to create an enduring network to benefit their homeland and business activities there. Ruiz-Tagle is confident that the club is well on its way to achieving that goal.

“We created this community and this network of relationships to last when you go back to Chile,” he said.

Continue reading on the MIT Sloan website.

May 12, 2014

MIT Strong Signatures 150

Grad community supports MIT Strong team

The MIT Strong team, comprised of students, faculty, staff, and alumni, ran in the Boston Marathon on April 21 in honor of Officer Sean Collier. To support and cheer on the team, the Office of the Dean of Graduate Education provided a space for community members to leave messages for the runners. These messages, ranging from personal thank-yous to words of inspiration, represented the unity of MIT’s campus in encouraging the team and commemorating the life and legacy of Officer Sean Collier. Learn more about MIT Strong. Read more

May 6, 2014


“A Community Self-Portrait” opening reception May 8

“A community self-portrait” is a photography project exploring the personal adventures of being an MIT spouse or partner.  Individual portraits along with personal stories will navigate you through social expectations, cultural differences, and astonishing personalities.  This photography project will be on display at the MIT Wiesner Student Art Gallery in the Student Center (2nd Floor) from Wednesday, May 7th to Monday, June 30th, 2014.  More of Christelle’s work can be seen on her photography blog, An opening reception will occur on Thursday, May 8th, 2014 from 6:00pm to 8:30pm.  Learn more about MIT spouses&partners here.

April 30, 2014


Get support for your community service project! Apply by Apr. 30

The MIT Community Service Fund gives grants to support the public service initiatives of MIT faculty, staff, students, and retirees.  Apply by Wednesday, April 30th, 2014 for the spring cycle!  More information is available on the websitephoto by Alex Chan

April 25, 2014


Nominate a caring faculty member by May 7!

Do you know an MIT faculty member who goes above and beyond to demonstrate his or her commitment to others?  The Office of the Dean for Graduate Education (ODGE) invites graduate students to nominate a faculty member as being Committed to Caring by 11:59pm on Wednesday, May 7th, 2014.  A number of the nominated faculty will be recognized through a broad campus poster campaign as well as the ODGE website.  Let’s celebrate the individuals whose daily actions of caring and support enrich the lives of others and the community as a whole!  Honorees will be determined by a selection committee made up on MIT graduate students and will be posted on Monday, June 2nd, 2014.

April 25, 2014


Ballroom Dance Competition Apr. 26-27

Come to the ballroom dance competition all day on Saturday and Sunday, April 26th – 27th in Rockwell Cage, featuring a ballroom showcase by professional world champions on Saturday night at 9:30 PM. There is no spectator fee for the general competition. There is a fee of $5 for the Ballroom Showcase. For more information, visit the MIT Ballroom website.

April 24, 2014


Community Response to Sexual Assault at MIT TODAY

Join the Chancellor Cindy Barnhart at the community conversation event Breaking Silence: A Community Response to Sexual Assault @ MIT on Thursday, April 24th, 2014 at 6:30pm in MIT Building W20, PDR 1&2.  Discuss the problem of sexual assault at MIT, as well as to create a shared hope for the future.  All members of the MIT community are welcome to join in this conversation, which will include space to look forward to possible solutions, space to reflect, and space to just listen and observe.  Please RSVP here!

April 21, 2014


Safety tips for Marathon Monday (Apr. 21)

Activities around the Boston Marathon have long been a tradition for MIT students. This year’s marathon has profound significance for the City of Boston, and the Boston Police have shared some tips for anyone who will be at or near the race on Monday. In particular, be alert and aware of your surroundings. “If you see something, say something.” All public drinking, open containers and intoxication will not be tolerated. Congregating on rooftops, fire escapes and porches is prohibited. Text “Boston” to 69050 to report suspicious activity and call 9-1-1 in an emergency. Be aware of security around the race, street closures, and other precautions. As you enjoy the Marathon festivities, please show your pride in Boston and MIT by being good neighbors. Photo by Vitor Pamplona.

April 16, 2014


Seeking Graduate Reps for the MIT Grand Junction Planning Advisory Committee by Apr. 17!

Join the MIT Grand Junction Planning Advisory Committee, and have an impact on the future of MIT Campus Planning!  The first meeting in on Wednesday, May 7th, 2014 from 3:30pm to 4:30pm in the Aruba Conference room inside MIT Building NE49.  Email your resume and a short statement to by Thursday, April 17th, 2014.  MIT has agreed to conduct a study of the feasibility of allowing a regional bicycle and pedestrian path on the property it owns along the Grand Junction railroad track, focused on the land from Main Street to W59.  The City of Cambridge has been interested in this for some time, but MIT has had a number of unanswered questions about the compatibility and safety of such a pathway in this location.  MIT is hoping that this study can provide a shared understanding of the nature of the opportunity and the associated challenges.  MIT plans to have faculty and student representation, along with Cambridge residents and officials, on a small advisory group to respond to the study as it is performed by a consultant yet to be selected.  There will be approximately six meetings of the advisory group, starting with a review of the consultant RFP, proposal review, and then providing reaction to study progress and the draft report.  The final report is to be submitted to the Cambridge City Council no later than September 2014.  Have an impact on the future of MIT!

April 11, 2014


Kids Clothing and Toy Exchange on Apr. 14!

Take part in the MIT Kids Clothing and Toy Exchange on Monday, April 14th, 2014, from 9:30am to 1:00pm in the Student Center, Room 491.  The exchange will include kids clothing, outerwear, shoes, toys, and books for children ages 0 to 5.  Items will be organized by gender and size so particular items can be found easily.  You do not need to bring clothes to participate!  Drop off will commence for the first hour and a half.  Pick up begins at 11:00am.  Contact for more information.

April 10, 2014


Congratulations to the 2014-15 GSC officers!

The Graduate Student Council has elected a new officer team for the 2014-2015 academic year.  The incoming officers will begin their terms on Wednesday, May 7th, 2014.  The new officers are:

  • President: Kendall Nowocin (EECS) Pictured top right
  • Vice-President: Francesco Bellei (EECS) Pictured top left
  • Secretary: Christopher Aakre (Biology) Pictured bottom Left
  • Treasurer: Shabnam Raayai Ardakani (MechE) Pictured bottom Right

Congratulations to the new team!

April 10, 2014


CAMIT Grants Deadline Extended to Apr. 11!

MIT students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to apply for Council for the Arts Grants to support arts projects in all disciplines.  Awards range from hundreds to thousands of dollars.  The Grants Committee supports projects that offer MIT community members opportunities to create, participate in, and learn about the arts.  The next application deadline has been extended to Friday, April 11th, 2014.  Any student currently receiving academic credit from MIT, or current MIT staff and faculty are eligible to apply for Grants Program funding.  Applicants may submit proposals individually or on behalf of a group or organization.  See the website for more information.

April 9, 2014


Family and friends recall graduate student Hadi Kasab

When Hadi Kasab was a boy in Lebanon, he went through a phase of carrying a small briefcase to school. “He already knew that he wanted to be an engineer,” Kasab’s younger sister, Jana, recalls — and the young Hadi thought that carrying a briefcase was something all engineers did. Her brother never lost his sense of wonderment at the world, Jana Kasab says: “He was really always a 5-year-old on the inside.”

“He was very quiet most of the time,” Jana Kasab says. “We used to say that he lived in his own world.” At a kindergarten graduation ceremony, her distracted but driven brother marched straight across the stage, without even stopping to receive his certificate.

He was also humble, Jana Kasab says: “My mother was once chatting with Hadi via Skype. She was telling him about people’s reactions when they found out that her son is in MIT. Hadi hated that. He didn’t like to gloat about it — but Mom, as a proud parent, did. So he promised Mom that he’d buy her an umbrella with the MIT logo on it, so that she’d stop telling people that her son is in MIT, and instead people would take the initiative to ask her.”

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April 2, 2014

girl writing

Submit an article for “The Graduate” by Apr. 11

Submit an article for next issue of “The Graduate” and earn $100! Article submissions are sought from students for the upcoming “Health & Wellness” issue of The Graduate. Give your best advice and personal stories about maintaining your physical and mental health in the midst of the stresses of academic life. Profile articles on graduate student groups are also accepted. If your article is selected for publication, you will receive a $100 Giftcard! The submission deadline is Friday, April 11th, 5pm. Send article submissions to

March 31, 2014


Blog about science on eMIT! Kickoff event Apr. 7

Do you like to write about science?  Submit to eMIT, the GSC’s new science outreach blog.  You can repost an article from your own blog.  Or a published article, if the publisher agrees.  Don’t know where to start? Attend “How to write a science blog” workshop with Prof. Tom Levenson, Director of the MIT Science Writing Program, on Monday, April 7th, 5 – 6:30pm in W20-491. Send article submissions to eMIT is a project of the Graduate Student Council.  Contact for more information.

March 28, 2014


Get out and row with the MIT Rowing Club! Season starts Apr. 1

The MIT Rowing Club encourages people at all skill levels from the MIT community to join.  Those who are new to rowing can join the summer and fall programs for complete beginners.  The season starts on Tuesday, April 1st, 2014, with practice Monday through Friday, 6:00am to 8:00am on the Charles River.  Coxswains are highly encouraged to join.  The Rowing Club overs full coach-supervised training for novice coxes throughout the year.  Find out more at and join the mailing list.

March 26, 2014

Buddhist Meditation

Silent Meditation on Thursdays

Are work and studies becoming too overwhelming? Get away from the stress and pressures of daily life every Thursday from 6 to 7 PM with Silent Meditation in the MIT Chapel. Sponsored by the Buddhist Student Club, it is open to all. Cushions are provided. Photo by holisticgeek.

March 20, 2014


Turkish Tea TODAY

It’s time for Turkish Tea!  Enjoy ruby red tea on Thursday, March 20th, 2014, from 5:00pm to 7:00pm in the Bush Room (MIT 10-105).  Ruby red tea is produced in the eastern Black Sea coast of Turkey.  There will also be traditional Turkish bagels (simit).  Contact for more information.

March 18, 2014


Apply for a public service fellowship/internship by Mar. 20

Still don’t know what to do this summer? Consider doing a public service internship or fellowship! The Fellowships and Internships programs both support MIT students working on capacity-building service projects around the world. Fellows and Interns work with community-focused organizations such as non-profits, government offices, international aid agencies, schools, grassroots groups, student-initiated service enterprises and even for-profit businesses if the business is using a social-entrepreneurship model to address the needs of an under-served community. Students in these programs receive a stipend for their work, which typically goes towards living and travel expenses. Applications for summer Fellowships and Internships are due Thursday, March 20, at noon. Visit the MIT Public Service Center site for more information on the programs and applying. Photo by USAID_IMAGES.

March 13, 2014


YesPlus: Stress Mgmt. & Happiness Workshop Mar. 14-18

The YesPlus: Stress Mgmt. & Happiness Workshop will take place from Friday, March 14th to Tuesday the 18th, 2014 with timings 7:00pm to 10:00pm (Friday, Monday, and Tuesday) and 10:00am to 5:00pm (Saturday and Sunday).  The first day’s workshop will take place in MIT Room 4-261.  This is an opportunity to learn techniques to overcome academic, personal, and professional stress and to get closer to achieving one’s full potential.  Participants will de-stress and learn powerful breathing techniques like the Sudarshan Kriya, pranayama, yoga, meditation, and practical wisdom through fun games.  Trained faculty from the international non-profit organization, The Art of Living Foundation, will run the workshop.  Tuition is $250.  Register online.  To attend an information and experience session, visit this website.  Contact for more information.

March 7, 2014


GCF Veritas Dinner TODAY

The Graduate Christian Fellowship invites students to come enjoy a light dinner and friendly discussion about entrepreneurship and faith on Friday, March 7th, 2014, from 6:00pm to 7:30pm in the Student Center, W20-307.  After dinner, the group will head to the annual Veritas Forum.  For more information, contact

March 5, 2014


From the classroom to the operating room

A native of Egypt, Dr. Emad Eskandar knew just two words of English—“box” and “cat”—when he arrived in the United States with his family at the age of 9. Today, he is a neurosurgeon at Massachusetts General Hospital and a professor at Harvard Medical School.

He’s also a student in the MIT Executive MBA (EMBA) program and will graduate in 2014. The MIT EMBA program is a 20-month, executive schedule MBA program for mid-career leaders with an average of 16 years of work experience.

“I’ve been doing medicine and neurosurgery for a long time, and I love it, but I think it’s good periodically to get a fresh perspective,” Eskandar said of his decision to return to school. He chose MIT Sloan because, “I thought if I’m going to do this, I want to be surrounded by top-notch faculty and, just as importantly, students.” He is one of a handful of medical doctors pursuing advanced degrees at MIT Sloan right now.

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March 3, 2014

CRD Grant

Committee on Race and Diversity’s Grant Program (Deadline Mar. 4)

The Committee on Race and Diversity offers grants to help offset the costs of events and programs that promote diversity and inclusion at MIT. CRD grant proposals are organized along five core themes that are intended to provide a diversity of event options, offer learning opportunities for all those involved, and ensure that the grantees and CRD learn from the experience. These five core themes include career development, collaborative immersion, community-based initiatives, expanding outlooks, and leading outward. Each funding proposal is due Tuesday, March 4 and must indicate the core theme to which the activity pertains. A group or office can submit only one proposal per core theme per academic year. For more information and the application form, visit the CRD Grants Program site. For any additional questions, feel free to contact the CRD co-chairs at Photo by OregonDOT.

February 27, 2014


Apply for the GSC-PSC Joint Service Fund (Deadline Mar. 2)

The GSC Funding Board is now accepting applications for student group funding, for the new GSC/PSC Joint Fund for public service, and for the new sustainability fund.  The cycle begins on Friday, March 14th, and ends on Saturday, June 14th.  The application deadline is Sunday, March 2nd, 2014!  Fill out the application here.

February 26, 2014

MIT Strong 2014

Azzarelli, among others from MIT, run Boston Marathon for Officer Sean Collier

An MIT Police Officer running for a fallen comrade.  An undergraduate student who came to know Officer Collier, became his friend, and climbed mountains with him.  A staff member who had just crossed the finish line when the first bomb exploded.  The MIT Strong marathon team has come together with 35 runners — and as many motivations for taking on the 2014 Boston Marathon on behalf of the MIT community and in honor of murdered MIT Police Officer Sean Collier.

Dogs are very effective at sniffing out bombs because their noses are astonishingly sensitive. Graduate student Joseph Azzarelli says running the marathon will inspire his research to improve public safety with technologies that mimic dogs’ natural ability. His vision, he says, is of networks of low-cost sensors that could make attacks like the Boston Marathon bombings more difficult to carry out.

“With the help of my colleagues, I aim to enable widely distributed, wireless, real-time explosives detection in cities, parks, and major metropolitan throughways,” says Azzarelli, a PhD candidate in chemistry in the laboratory of MIT professor Timothy Swager, a pioneer in sensors to detect explosives. “Perhaps we can create a future where incidents like those that occurred at the Boston Marathon can be mitigated before they manifest themselves.”

Read the rest of the article on MIT news.

February 19, 2014


A response to “Breaking Silence”

President Rafael Reif had these comments to make regarding the story of a sexual assault at MIT:

Last week in the pages of The Tech, a young MIT graduate shared her anguished account of being raped as an undergraduate at MIT by someone she thought she could trust — her friend, coworker and research colleague, a man ten years her senior.

The suffering she describes breaks my heart. And — as we know from years of campus reporting about sexual assault and from the comments posted on her letter — she is not alone. That such betrayals occur in our community makes me profoundly sad and angry. Nothing could be further from our ideal of a community founded on respect, decency, sympathy, and kindness.

I admire her bravery in breaking the silence for all rape survivors in our community. Just as important, she has brought this topic to the center of our public conversation.

Continue reading the letter in The TechPhoto by sandra.scherer

February 12, 2014

cooking – Learn, teach, and meet MIT grad students

Interested in learning new things, sharing what you love, and meeting other MIT graduate students? Visit to sign up to teach and learn. You can already sign up to learn cooking, programming, tennis, and much more. This opportunity to meet other MIT graduate students and simultaneously do something fun is completely free to use. Photo by Kenneth Lu.

February 11, 2014


Black History Month Reception with Prof. Craig Wilder Feb. 26

The Office of the Dean for Graduate Education invites you to join us for a Black History Month Reception on Wednesday, February 26, 5 – 7pm in the Wong Auditorium (E51-115).  We will enjoy fellowship, hors d’oeuvres, and a presentation by special guest speaker Professor Craig Wilder, Chair of the MIT History section and author of Ebony & Ivory: Race, Slavery, and the Troubled History of America’s Universities. Prof. Wilder has just received a 2014 Black Caucus of the American Library Association (BCALA) Literary Award in the Nonfiction category for his book. Please RSVP here.

Craig Steven Wilder received his BA from Fordham University and then went on to complete his MA, MPhil and PhD at Columbia University. He studies American urban, intellectual and cultural history. Prof Wilder began his career as a community organizer in the South Bronx. He provides curricular and professional development workshops with public school teachers in low-income areas of New York City. He also advises community and social organizations in New York City.

Additionally, Prof Wilder is a senior fellow at the Bard Prison Initiative, where he has served as a guest lecturer, commencement speaker, academic advisor, and visiting professor. For more than a decade, this innovative program has given hundreds of men and women the opportunity to acquire a college education during their incarcerations in the New York State prison system. Prof Wilder is the author of three books, several articles and has advised and appeared in numerous historical documentaries. He has directed or advised exhibits at regional and national museums. In 2004, Columbia University awarded him the University Medal of Excellence.