Graduate and international community

This section describes some opportunities for community involvement initiated or supported by the Office of the Dean for Graduate Education, often in collaboration with other Institute organizations. The ODGE’s support for community involvement as “opportunities for priceless encounters” reflects the Dean’s unwavering commitment to community as one aspect of MIT’s educational triad of academics, research, and community.

International community resources and support are available at the International Students Office (ISO). Additional health and counseling support for MIT’s international community members can be found on MIT Medical’s international dashboard.

The occasions for contributing to graduate community at MIT are unlimited, whether socializing, integrating academic and social aspects of graduate life, appreciating the arts, or looking for ways to improve communications and outreach to unique constituencies. Explore MIT’s student resources: Activities, Arts and Recreation page for many links on topics from student government, to diversity events, to lists of student organizations and recreational activities.

The ODGE’s strategic plan offers further details on the office’s plans to enhance graduate and international community life.