Committed to Caring

I also want the family of MIT to be famous for how we treat people: Famous for sympathy, humility, decency, respect, and kindness.
– President Rafael Reif, MIT 2013 Commencement


The Office of Graduate Education invites you to share in an ongoing celebration of MIT faculty members who go above and beyond to make an impact in the lives of graduate students. Faculty members will be recognized through a broad campus poster campaign and online content.

Nominations for the 2017-18 academic year are now closed. Honorees will be determined by a selection committee made up of MIT graduate students, staff, and faculty. The first honorees for 20127-18 will be celebrated in early October.

Criteria for selection for a “Committed to Caring” honor include:

  1. Impact. How has the nominee supported students? How deeply, and for what length of time?
  2. Reach. Who has the nominee reached?
  3. Excellence in scholarship. In addition to the nominee’s own academic excellence, how has she or he contributed to student academic and professional success?
  4. Diversity and inclusion. What contributions has the nominee made toward supporting all members of the community?

Perhaps this person…

  • Checks in with you about your well-being
  • Shares his/her own struggles and/or path to MIT, allowing you to relate
  • Is generous with time
  • Participates in or helps to coordinate student-run events (appearing on panels, giving talks, etc.)
  • Creates a supportive working environment for a diverse lab group
  • Provides mentorship on professional and/or personal goals
  • Works toward an end goal that will improve many lives