Graduate Policies & Procedures

Other employment

A graduate student may not interrupt an academic program to accept employment on academic, administrative, or research staff, or as an hourly employee at MIT, Lincoln Laboratory, or the Charles Stark Draper Laboratory, either during the academic year or during the summer, unless the approval of the department head and of the appropriate academic dean has been obtained and unless the work as an employee is not related to the student’s thesis research. A thesis release form indicating such approval must be submitted to the Human Resources Department to effect such employment. A graduate student may not include as part of the thesis any material based upon work done while holding an academic or research staff appointment.

Graduate students who hold full time research or teaching assistantships or who receive full support on a fellowship or traineeship are not usually eligible for such employment. A full time (100 percent) teaching assistant or research assistant is defined as 20 hours of work per week. A student who is a US citizen or permanent resident who applies to work, in addition to his or her RA or TA appointment, may be permitted additional compensated employment at MIT for no more than 10 hours per week during the academic year, especially to support student life and learning activities (e.g., staffing the front desk of a residence hall). Consult the Office of the Dean for Graduate Education for approval before undertaking such employment.


Regulations for international students’ on and off-campus work


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Expectations for students working outside of MIT while a registered student