Graduate Policies & Procedures

Tuition and stipend payments

Research and teaching assistants receive a monthly stipend as well as a full tuition scholarship. The compensation for research and teaching assistants is adjusted to make the appointments equally attractive, taking into account the availability of tuition scholarships, the opportunities for thesis research, and other benefits connected with each. Stipend levels are established each year by individual departments within guidelines set forth by the Academic Council.

A department may not assign a stipend (exclusive of tuition and fees) above these guidelines without specific approval of the Dean for Graduate Education. Graduate student staff members should recognize that their stipends are not intended necessarily fully to cover cost of living.

Normally, assistants are paid by direct deposit into their individual bank accounts. In some cases, however, payment by check may be necessary. In such cases, checks should be picked up in person at the Cashier’s Office, Room NE49-3077. The Institute is obliged to withhold federal and Massachusetts income taxes from the stipends of teaching and research assistants. Assistants must file the necessary federal and Massachusetts tax withholding forms with the Payroll Office. These forms may be obtained from the Cashier’s Office, the Payroll Office, or the student’s departmental graduate office. Failure to submit these forms will result in the required maximum tax being withheld.