Graduate Policies & Procedures

Interdepartmental doctoral degree program

In the case of the doctorate, the interdepartmental committee must approve the program, set and evaluate a general examination consisting of both oral and written parts at such a time and in such a manner as the committee shall approve, supervise the research program, administer the thesis examination, and finally, recommend to the department of registration that the doctoral degree be awarded.

In certain fields, continuing interdepartmental activity has led to the formation of standing faculty committees concerned with graduate work in these fields. Among these fields are instrumentation, biomedical engineering, operations research, mining resources and engineering management, economics and urban studies, transportation, polymer science and technology, and computational systems biology. In these fields the formation of an ad hoc interdepartmental committee and its guidance of a student’s program should have the benefit of counsel from the standing committee. Requests for these interdepartmental committees should also be routed to the Dean for Graduate Education through the student’s department of registration.