Graduate Policies & Procedures

Master of Science

For the degree of Master of Science, the student must have satisfactorily completed a program of study of at least 66 subject units, of which 42 units shall be H-level subjects, and a thesis, approved by the department in which he or she is enrolled. If 34 units of H-level subjects and the thesis are in a single approved program, as determined by a departmental committee on graduate students, the degree will be recommended with specification in this program; otherwise, the degree will be recommended without specification. The same high standard of academic performance in a program approved by a departmental committee on graduate students is required for either degree.

The choice of area of specialization must be approved by the committee on graduate students of the department in which the student is enrolled. Approval of the entire program must be obtained from this committee and from the student’s faculty advisor. A special interdepartmental committee, approved by the Dean for Graduate Education, may be appointed to supervise a program in an interdepartmental field.

The satisfactory completion of the master’s degree requires the student to be in residence as a full time regular graduate student for a minimum of one regular academic term (not the summer session). Every degree candidate working on a thesis must register for thesis in all semesters during which his or her thesis research or writing is actually in progress and during the term his or her name appears on the degree list.