Graduate Policies & Procedures

Intellectual property policy

The Institute reserves the sole right to determine the disposition of inventions and other developments by faculty, staff, students, or others, developed wholly or in part under a sponsored research or other agreement or with the significant use of Institute facilities or funds administered by the Institute. In certain circumstances, the Institute may grant these rights to a student in accordance with the provisions of the Guide to the Ownership, Distribution and Commercial Development of MIT Technology. This disposition will be in a manner which, in its opinion, and subject to restriction imposed by any contract with a sponsoring agency, will be in the best interest of the Institute, the public, and the inventors. The Institute requires all individuals who receive MIT administered funds or who are in a position to invent or develop technology using significant funds or facilities to enter into formal agreements to assign intellectual property to the Institute for ultimate disposition of rights.

For further information, a student should refer to MIT Policies regarding Intellectual Property.