Graduate Policies & Procedures

Thesis research in absentia

Thesis research is ordinarily done in residence at the Institute. However, on some occasions and in some fields, work such as the gathering of data away from the Institute may be essential or desirable. Thesis research to be done in absentia must be approved in writing by the thesis supervisor and the departmental graduate officer, after establishing that there are compelling educational reasons. A copy of that approval must be filed in the Office of the Dean for Graduate Education via the Thesis in Absentia Form.

Such approval must be requested before leaving the Institute, with ample time for full consideration by the department and/or notification of the Office of the Dean for Graduate Education.

Students must register and pay full tuition while pursuing thesis research in absentia. In unusual circumstances, the Dean may set a special tuition rate for such students.

In consultation with the Dean, departments may establish certain programs and/or locations as exempt from the individual approval procedures noted above.

The following requirements must also be met:

  • The opportunity for the continuing intellectual growth of the student must be clearly evident.
  • The thesis must continue to be supervised by an Institute faculty member, or by a senior staff member approved by the department.
  • The student must be registered as a full time resident during the final term.
  • A doctoral student must normally have completed the general examination requirement for the degree, and devote full time to thesis research in absentia.