Graduate Policies & Procedures


A petition is a written request filed on behalf of a graduate student with the ODGE seeking approval for a particular action or request. Before being submitted to the ODGE, each petition must be reviewed and approved by the graduate department or program of record. The Dean and the Senior Associate Dean act with power on behalf of the Committee on Graduate Programs with regard to all requests.

The most common types of petitions are:

  • Amend a program of study such as the election of a dual degree
  • Complete an incomplete subject from a prior semester or year
  • Choose a thesis field not currently on the list of departmental thesis fields
  • Add or drop a course after the stated deadlines
  • Request a joint thesis
  • Establish special tuition rates
  • Request approval for retroactive actions in unusual circumstances
  • Change an OX grade to a letter grade
  • Appoint ad hoc departmental or interdisciplinary dissertation committees

See also:

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Filing a petition

A petition should be submitted on a “Graduate Student Petition” form available as a .pdf file. If applying for a dual degree program, please complete the supplemental page. The student must print a copy of the petition form and complete the appropriate sections; obtain departmental approval from the graduate administrator or graduate officer; and then submit the signed petition to ODGE for final approval.

A processing fee of $50 will be charged to the student’s account for each petition approved.

Electronic copies of approved petitions will be distributed to the Registrar’s Office, the student’s department of registration, and the student.