Graduate Policies & Procedures


To add a subject after the first week of the term, the student must obtain the approval of the instructor and the departmental graduate registration officer. A subject can be added to a student’s registration after the fifth week of a regular term only by a petition approved by the departmental graduate officer and the Office of the Dean for Graduate Education. Approval is not automatic, and a processing fee is charged for changes that are permitted.

During the three weeks prior to the last day of classes of the regular term or the last day of classes of the summer term, no subject may be dropped by a graduate student without a petition approved by the departmental graduate committee representative and the Office of the Dean for Graduate Education. A processing fee will be charged for a petition requesting changes. The fact that a student is failing is not considered a valid reason for a late cancellation.

In addition, a fee will be charged for any retroactive changes requested after the end of the term to which they refer, or after the grades for the subject in question are due in the Registrar’s Office. Changes will be made to a student’s record if the individual is registered or for a three month period after the student has graduated. Retroactive changes should be requested only for exceptional circumstances.

Processing charges are nonrefundable unless levied in error.

Correction (Add/Drop) forms signed by the student’s graduate registration officer should be used for all changes in registration after the registration officer has signed the registration form. The instructor’s signature is also required if a subject is added after the first week of the term. All Add/Drop forms should be hand delivered by the student to the Student Services Center, Room 11-120.