Graduate Policies & Procedures

Medical withdrawal

A medical withdrawal may be granted or required for mental and/or physical conditions that interfere with a student’s ability to participate in campus life including their ability to complete or make satisfactory progress towards academic goals. For undergraduates, medical withdrawals are granted or required with the assistance of a counseling dean in Student Support Services and require appropriate medical documentation. For graduate students, medical withdrawals are granted or required by the Office of the Dean for Graduate Education and require appropriate medical documentation and a letter of support from the department from which the student is seeking a medical withdrawal. Medical withdrawal is not intended as a device to shield a student from unsatisfactory progress or any other academic irregularity.

Students will need to make an appointment with a counseling dean or graduate education dean as appropriate to discuss their plans. Students who feel that there are any barriers to taking a medical leave are strongly encouraged to contact their department’s graduate officer or graduate administrator, or the ODGE directly.