Graduate Policies & Procedures

Exchange Scholar Program

The Exchange Scholar Program enables a graduate student enrolled in a doctoral program in one of the participating institutions to study at one of the other graduate schools for a limited period of time in order to take advantage of particular educational opportunities not available on the home campus. The academic experience, including courses taken and/or research conducted with particular faculty at the visited institution, will be registered on the academic record maintained by the student’s home institution.

At MIT, students can register for no more than two courses per term, or for a research subject, but not both, and only for the term(s) indicated on the application form. The incoming student may register for a minimum of one semester and a maximum of two semesters plus one summer.

For the exchange scholar: To pursue research, the student must contact the professor with whom he or she wishes to work; to pursue course work, contact the department administrator to ensure that the proposed plan is feasible. Once the request is approved, the student contacts the department administrator to arrange logistics.

For the administrator: The Office of the Dean for Graduate Education sends signed copies of the application to the participating university; the Registrar’s Office; the department accepting or sending an exchange scholar; and the International Students Office (if applicable). The department is responsible for admitting the student through the Admissions Office and for registering the student for courses or thesis.

Further details include a list of participating institutions and an application.