Graduate Policies & Procedures

Harvard-MIT Health Sciences and Technology

The Harvard-MIT Program in Health Sciences and Technology (HST) is a unique collaboration that brings together the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard Medical School, Harvard University, Harvard-affiliated teaching hospitals, and local research centers to integrate science, medicine, and engineering to solve problems in human health. HST’s mission is to educate outstanding minds and cultivate leaders who will explore fundamental principles underlying disease and develop preventative, diagnostic, and therapeutic innovations. This academic mission cannot be accomplished by either Harvard or MIT acting alone, but rather requires substantive contributions from both.

HST’s interdisciplinary educational program brings engineering as well as the physical and biological sciences from the scientist’s bench to the patient’s bedside. Conversely, it brings clinical insight from the patient’s bedside to the laboratory. In this way, HST students are trained to have deep understanding of engineering, physical sciences, and the biological sciences, complemented with hands-on experience in the clinic or in industry; and they become conversant with the underlying quantitative and molecular aspects of medicine and biomedical science. Within HST, approximately 300 graduate students work with eminent faculty and affiliated faculty members throughout the MIT and Harvard communities.

In addition to its outstanding record of accomplishment for research in human health care, HST educational programs are distinguished by three key elements:

  • A strong quantitative orientation
  • Required hands-on experience in a clinical setting
  • A focused interdisciplinary research project

HST currently offers degrees in two multidisciplinary areas of graduate study:

  • Medical Sciences MD Program
  • Medical Engineering and Medical Physics Doctoral Program

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