Transfer credit: In special cases, advanced subjects completed satisfactorily elsewhere may be accepted for credit toward requirements for an advanced degree (with a recorded grade of “S” for subjects with exact MIT equivalents). If the subject has no MIT equivalent, approved transfer credit should be requested through a petition approved by the appropriate departmental graduate registration officer.

The student’s major department will determine to what extent subjects taken as a special student are acceptable for credit toward the requirements for an advanced degree. Credit received as a special graduate student is considered with all other academic information in reviewing the application and in formulating a degree program.

Advanced standing examinations: In certain departments, regular graduate students may petition to take an examination for advanced standing during the exam period in each term, provided that they have never registered for or attended classes at the Institute in that subject.

Notice of intention must be filed with the Registrar at least three weeks before the day of the first scheduled exam of the exam period. An advanced standing exam shall be given only after approval by the department in which the student is registered and approval by the member of the faculty in charge of the subject. A passing grade entitles a student to full credit for the subject and is recorded on the permanent record; a failing grade also appears on the permanent record. These grades are not included in the student’s term or cumulative grade point average (GPA).