Graduate Policies & Procedures


The Institute should provide direction and leadership on policies concerning graduate students, but graduate students should be able to provide opinion on Institute policies affecting them. Institute committees which set graduate student policy should either have graduate student representatives or provide a mechanism for graduate student participation in relevant decisions.

A student wishing to discuss a concern or to present a grievance may seek assistance from the following Institute offices: Office of the Dean for Graduate Education; Office of the Dean for Student Life; and from the office of the Ombudspersons.

Discussions shall remain confidential if the student so requests. Individuals will not be reprimanded or discriminated against for initiating an inquiry or complaint. If a satisfactory solution is not forthcoming, the student should follow the grievance procedure described inMIT Policies and ProceduresSection 9.6, whereby a graduate student may request a formal inquiry concerning his or her complaint or grievance. A formal inquiry may be initiated through any of the above offices at the student’s choice. Other offices are available to provide assistance to students, including the Medical Department, Campus Police, religious counselors, counseling deans, and housemasters.