Ester Park

.MIT Department: Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Undergraduate Institution: University of California, San Diego

Faculty Mentor: Rajeev Ram

Research Supervisor: Gavin West



I grew up as, and ever will be, a Los Angeles Dodgers city-girl, but currently I attend the University of California, San Diego as nano-engineer. I find the electron to be the most curious object in the world and certainly worthy of devoting a lifetime to its study. I am very interested in applying the fundamental branches, or “logics”, of quantum computing and seeing where their nodes meet locally, or totally, for technological/medical application. Therefore, my goal is to experimentally begin with a elucidating and merging its software (correlation/concurrence, discrete physics, quantum algorithms, LRD/data mining) with hardware (optical microelectromechanical systems, advanced silicon photonics, nonlinear optics on a chip).