About OGE

The Office

The OGE comprises the Office of Graduate Education, the International Students Office, and the Graduate Student Council; together, they foster academic excellence and quality of life for MIT’s community of graduate students. Departmental graduate administrators are key partners and an important resource for students and staff. See an infographic of some highlights from calendar year 2013.

The Dean

The role of the Dean for Graduate Education is to provide a senior voice on behalf of graduate student issues and concerns and to work with the Graduate Student Council to articulate relevant matters to senior administration. The Dean serves on the Committee on Graduate Programs, which has oversight of graduate student progress and of the rules and regulations governing graduate education at MIT; and identifies strategic issues affecting graduate education at MIT.

The Institute

The Institute has a single faculty that is responsible for graduate and undergraduate instruction. The administration of graduate education at MIT rests with the President and the Provost, the Chancellor, the Dean and Senior Associate Dean for Graduate Education, and the Committee on Graduate Programs.

Together, we foster academic excellence and quality of life for MIT's community of graduate students.