Funded projects : Ongoing funding

Although the GSLG proposals are submitted as “experiments” that run for a period of up to two years, some initiatives have stood the test of time. In these cases, the dean has decided to “institutionalize” the projects by setting aside an annual budget for ongoing work.

Projects that have received ongoing funding include:

Science Policy Bootcamp

Graduate students participate in an intensive four-day seminar led by the director of MIT’s Washington, D.C. office. The seminar introduces graduate students in science and engineering to the nuts and bolts of science policy.

MIT Friends of the Arts

This grant allows graduate students to enjoy dinner together before attending a performance of the Boston Symphony Orchestra or other productions in the Boston area, or to take a trip to Tanglewood.

Graduate student art openings at the List

The Dean underwrites a reception hosted by the List Visual Arts Center that features the Student Loan Art Exhibition. This annual opening includes a lecture series introducing new exhibits to smaller groups of graduate students.

Weekly Wednesdays/Muddy Mondays

The Muddy Charles Pub creates the opportunity for a diverse cross-section of MIT graduate students from every School, department, lab, residence, and affinity group to come together and “connect” on a regular basis in an informal setting. Open to the entire graduate community,Weekly Wednesdays are an opportunity for those who work closely with graduate students to attend or host an event.

Institutionalizing Graduate Public Service

The Public Service Center has developed a collaborative system for supporting Graduate Student Volunteer Day (GSVD) that also serves as a model for other institutional graduate student enterprises. This includes sharing information and celebrating achievements as well as increasing resources for graduate student involvement in public service through fellowships, grants, and the IDEAS award.

Grad Nights at the MIT Museum

The MIT Museum partners with graduate student organizations to hold large-scale events that foster informal, yet focused, communication and connections around the work of MIT graduate students. Themes for these events may include energy, international development, and sustainability.