Market your events

Marketing your events is an important way to let others know about your project, especially your fellow graduate students.

Required for all grants

All grants are required to use the OGE logo, which is sent to you by the Grants Fellow, and to post events on the MIT events calendar. If your publicity is in the form of a text-only e-mail, you may include the phrase “Sponsored by the Office of Graduate Education” rather than using the image.

If you like, you may also include the grad friendly logo or the Graduate Student Life Grants logo (available from the Grants Fellow).

We want your photos and videos!

We encourage you to document your events and share with us. Please note that any photographs and videos submitted to OGE may be used by OGE without restriction.)

Events calendar

It is your responsibility to add any events for your project to the MIT events calendar. Make sure you list the Graduate Student Life Grants under “Sponsors.” Contact the Fellow with any problems you encounter at grants-fellow [at]


Further suggestions

Additional options for publicizing your project include the following:

The Anno

The Anno is a weekly announcement e-mail that goes to the entire graduate student community on a weekly basis.  Messages may only be sent out once to the community. You  may submit announcements for upcoming events, activities, and programs that apply to the entire graduate student community.


If you are affiliated with a department or student group, publicize on their website or social media account. Some grant authors have also found it useful to create their own web sites or social media presence, especially for those projects with a longer time horizon.

Email lists

Take some time to identify all the e-mail lists that might want to hear about your event. The most widely read e-mail list is the Graduate Student Council’s “Anno”; contact the GSC secretary to post at gsc-secretary [at] mit [dot] edu.


If you create posters to announce an upcoming event, consider postering along the route used by other student groups. Contact gslg [at] for a copy of a recommended postering route.

Infinite Digital Display signage

Digital displays around campus are available for your message; there may be a fee involved. Managed by MIT Copy Tech.

Infinite Corridor Poster Displays

The fixed poster display cases in the Infinite Corridor may be reserved by members of the MIT community. To request space, please visit Poster dimensions must be 11×17″; paper should be 65# or heavier cover stock. Please ensure that your design is in a portrait (vertical) orientation: landscape (horizontal) posters will not fit in these display cases. This promotional opportunity is administered by the MIT Events and Information Center (7-121, 253-4795,

Keep it going!

Contact the Graduate Community Fellow for additional suggestions about appropriate publicity at grants-fellow [at] Another good source for suggestions is the graduate administrator in your department.